How do you lower S.D.?


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Sep 3, 2004
on the rifle range in Utah
You have got to be kidding !!!!!!!! after all the posts on this topic you are the only one that has added NOTHING but you keep posting, there are only 3 possible explanations. You are either unable or unwilling to pick up information, or you are just simply here to stir the pot. I believe it is a combination of all 3.
You are one huge contradiction in this post you claim there is something you never did and then in the next paragraph you do it.
If this is all you can bring please go ruin some other forum and leave the 99.5% of the good people here alone,
ENOUGH can you pay attention long enough to let this register ENOUGH !!!!!!!!

Well said UB, well said. I'm surprised the moderators have let him keep trying to stir the pot. He was done and the fork was stuck in him long ago!
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