How do you know when you have a Addiction?

Well Rum Man I don't think you are a Rum addict, I have 2 listed in the classifieds and they are still there. I wish you would fall off the wagon!!
I'm just getting my feet wet on the RUM addiction. That .375 sure got my attention but unfortunately I just can't quite make it happen.

If your buddy would take belly button lint and back hair for payment, it'd be coming my way!
I'm loaded up with H-1000 !!
It's funny I have never fired a single 215 gr berger in my Life and just like Magic I did some horse trading and now I have 700 pieces of the Notorious 215 Berger !
Critters will fall like magic now ! Ha ha
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My Rum's should send these like Lazers !

Rum Man
I’m gonna be the bad guy here so an engineer can take credit for a new cartridge that’ll shoot a half mile or so with dead on hold 100 to 1k yards, 300 or 338 Rummoor!! Think of the advertising possibilities
I'm so glad this seems to be helping everyone! Ha ha 😎😎
I dont really like calling this a (Addiction) to the Rum Family but more like a Obsession !!

Addiction sounds so Serious ! Lol

Thank you all for your Response's !
Its definitely helping me out ..some ! 🤣🤣

Rum Man

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