How big and how far with a 260 rem?


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Nov 23, 2005
North Georgia
I've gotten interested in the .260 rem due to its good ballistics and low recoil. I know this is a tough question to answer, but where would you draw the line in hunting with this round? I know it would be fine for whitetails at 200yds, but would it be fine for an elk at 400 yds? I know shot placement has everything to do with it, but everything has a breaking point where it becomes almost unethical to hunt this animal at that range sort of thing. Where would you draw the line with the .260 rem shooting a 140gr bullet? Thanks.
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Based on 1,000 ft-lbs of energy to ensure a clean kill on deer-sized game, and common hunting loads producing ~2700fps with Nosler Partitions, I get 500yds.

With enough barrel length you might pass 2800fps, and if you were to use way higher BC bullets, you could stretch it to 700yds.
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Like you, I'm interested in the 260Rem. As a matter of fact, my next custom build will be in that caliber.

Varmints - if you can see them....shoot.

Deer - 140grain VLD @ 2700 carries 1000lbs of energy to 700 yards.

Elk - the same load carries 1500lbs of energy to 375 yards.

My primary use for the caliber will be long range varmint hunting. It will also be deployed on deer as the longest shot I can get right now is 400.
I just got one so I will be following the responses as well..... but from what I have read and been told by those who use the caliber I am looking toward using it on white tailed deer up to 600 yards under ideal conditions........Varmit and targets a ways further if I can get my proficiency honed enough at targets at those ranges.
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I shoot 140 grain Berger VLD in my 260 and get 2860fps out of a 28 inch barrel. I haven’t shot anything larger than a yote beyond 600 yards (and I was impressed with the results) but shooting against any 308 out to 1200 yards you can really tell the difference in ding marks on steel targets. A buddy of mine was bragging about his hard hitting 308 so we set a mild carbon steel ¼ inch plate up at 500 yards and the 260 would make it through and the 308 would just put a decent dimple in it.
A little FYI.

I shoot a 129 SST out of mine. I have to load them so they fit the magazine which doesn't help accuracy but I'm still getting .5-.75 moa. The point is that to get 3000 fps and 1000 foot pounds out to 650-700 yards I use RL17.

Best hunting powder I've found.
On an average sized elk, at 600 yards, in ideal conditions, I would not have to think twice. A big mature bull, I would have to think twice. Shot placement would be critical and I would avoid any bones but ribs.
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