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Aug 20, 2010
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TRying to simplify things for you guys and not lump all of Nikon's new product's into one thread like I have done previously. This year Nikon brought out two rangfinder's that should be big hit's for those of you who hunt and shoot longrange. The MONARCH 3000 Stabilized which has a stabilized beam for accurate ranging to 3000 yards on hard targets, 2200 on trees and 1200 on deer. You can look at the catalog info to get all the feature's this little rangefinder has, all for under $420. The next one from Nikon is the BLACK RANGE X 4K. This one also is loaded with a lot of useful features for both the hunter and longrange shooter with a max range of 4000 yards for under $450. The MONARCH 3000 Stabilized has already taken numerous industry awards. As always, drop me a note with any question's and I'll do my best to answer them. So far the #1 question has been when can I buy one of these, hopfully around early March.


I currently have a Leica and a Sig RF. I am interested in these new Nikons.
My question, if the 3000 stabilized is " the latest example of Nikons technology" Why do they leave it out of the Black X4K??
To give guys a choice of stabilized or not. As a hunter/shooter the MONARCH 3000 Stabilized will do the trick for my needs. A lot of guys I spoke to at SHOT Show wanted the 4000 just because it's 4000 yards and not much more $.
Not trying to knock Nikon but I would definitely look through one before buying it. I bought a Nikon rangefinder with the stabilizing ability for archery hunting and the glass was terrible. At low light, you could barely make anything out and that was at closer ranges. So hopefully the glass on these is way better.
I'm looking to get another rangefinder myself here this spring. I'll be honest I've been leaning towards the G7 and the Sig Kilo 2400.... The Nikon got my attention being it cost a lot less. I would like to look through one as well and see how it compares in clarity. It's got a nice warranty. Just wonder why Nikon didn't incorporate a ballistic solution feature with it? It's not a deal breaker but it would be nice to see. I hope I haven't missed it if they did... Just haven't seen that listed. Good to see Nikon is trying to keep things affordable too. Can't wait to read the reviews.
I was wondering the same as Gunner, why didn’t they introduce a ballistic rengefinder, unless they couldn’t find a ballistic calculator to support there rangefinder?
I really thought there was going to be at least one more ballistic rangefinder introduced at SHOT show this year.
I don't undsrstand how they can stabilize the beam. Stabilize the image, yes.

Nikon has made image stabilizers into their cameras for years. There is actually a motor that moves the image sensor inside the camera to compensate for the operators movement. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to apply the same technology to the laser within a range finder.
I think the low light is dependent on a few things. I can't use any Leopold stuff. Glass seems horrible to me but Nikon seems very bright to my eyes. For the record I use all liaca stuff for range finding 1600 b and geovids. Some people don't like them but for me they are crystal clear.
Hopefully most of Nikon's new product's will be arriving at retailer's in just a few weeks. Nikon optic's are known for their excellent light gathering propertiers.
I was using Nikon's first generation stabilized rangefinder this past weekend hunting in OK. Functioned flawlessly. My longest shot on a hog was 302 yards and ranging was easy even when the temp dropped from 70's to 20's and a 25 mph N. wind blew. Stabilization worked wonders.
I contacted Nikon about their new RFs, the 4000/3000. I just asked a few questions to get an idea about their brand and how they planned on marketing it.
The questions I asked were:
1. Is the illumination adjustable on these RFs? I have a Nikon 1000 that the illumination is too bright to see anything in low light
2. Do the 4000 and 3000 have stabilization?
3. Comparing the earlier Nikon Rfs to similar models/brands the 1000 looks very dull and dark. How does yours compare?
4. My Nikon 1000 has a hard time ranging animals past 300-400 yards. From your testing, how would these rangefinders compare on animals?
5. I dont remember
6. I asked a question about how their models competed with the sig kilo 2k.

Here are the responses.

"Thank you for contacting Nikon. After looking into your questions, 1, I did not see any indication either new RF has an illuminated setting. 2, the 4000 doesn't have image stabilization like the 3000. 3, The glass clarity is top of the line. Just like it is in all our Monarch products. 4, The measurement yards in the 4K is up to 4000 yards and in the 3000.. 3000 yards. 5. I'm very confident our Rangefinders. 6. Because Sig Kilo is a different brand, I'm not familiar with them, therefore I really can't make any comparisons between the two.

Kind Regards, "
It's fairly common for manufacturers to hide specs on their products because they simply would prefer you not to know. I like Leopold scopes but getting anything out of them is like pulling teeth.

Sig seems to be fairly proud of their 2400 and stick all the pertinent specs for all to see.
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