Hot weather hoodie advice

Okay, just opened the package and tried it on. It weighs nothing, is cut comfortably and even offers thumb slots so one can cover the back of your hands. I bought the exposed camo in XL and it is true to size. All in all, I'm impressed with the apparent quality and that it's American Made, makes it that much better for me. Here are some features.
Here are some photos of the hoodie. I'm pretty pleased with it and plan to put it to good use in the prairie dog fields.


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You have some good suggestions here.

I use Free Fly.

I've used the same long sleeve light gray shirt for 5 years on my Wyoming PD hunts. I can't say enough good things about this shirt. They also have a line of hoodies. I use a neck gaiter, which I can pull up and it will cover from my eyes down. Then I top it off with a Tilley wide brim vented hat.

At the end of the day, I take a shower and hand wash the shirt then hang it up. The next morning it's dry and not wrinkled.

They're not cheap, but worth the money. You can buy it from Free Fly or Amazon.
Sounds worth checking into. I also use a Tilley hat and have used a handkerchief as a neck gaitor. I began advocating the Forloh brand as they are US made. I’m sure there are other brands similar in function but I am in a made in the US mission.
I've been wearing FinCognito for years love their stuff. 100* degree days on the Elk River in BC so hot out, but these hoodies rock. Have worn them offshore here in FL in 100* heat love it. Based out of Idaho great folks

Headed to the beach. This is actually blue but flashed out….


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