SOLD/EXPIRED Horus ASLI™ (Angle Slope Level Indicator)

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    Oct 3, 2011
    ASLI™ (Angle Slope Level Indicator)

    For sale, new, $75 will ship locally. respond by email

    Slope and cant Level Together in One Unit
    The Horus Vision ASLI™ gives the long distance shooter a slope indicator and cant indicator in a single, precision engineered, hermetically sealed unit so you don't have to hang multiple gauges off your rifle like ornaments. It's reversible and can sit on either side of the scope, accommodating both right and left-handed shooters. The ASLI eliminates guesswork in uphill and downhill shots. To find the true horizontal distance, simply multiply the range to the target by the cosine value shown on the slope indicator. For long-range shots, the cant indicator is invaluable for keeping your bullet flight true to your sighted aim. It attaches directly to your scope, can be painted to match your scope's camo finish, and doesn't need batteries.

    The ASLI comes with a hard rubber cap, tin storage box, and your choice of one mounting option (30mm mounting ring, 34mm mounting ring, Picatinny side rail). For extreme-range mission-critical hits, enter ASLI values into our ATrag™ ballistics software. You can also use the ASLI with our CATS™ Targets to achieve perfect alignment between your scope and rifle. Pinpoint accuracy at extreme range requires pinpoint alignment.