Hornady SST

Has anyone used this bullet in the 270Wby? Any load suggestions.

I heard from a very good informant that the SST can be quite volatile. I saw a picture of an antelope that was shot with a regular 270, and the bullet grenaded. Pictures where graphic. If you do a search using SST as key words, you may find the thread. It was not that long ago, maybe early March, or there a bouts.I do not have experience with them myself, but I clearly remember the photo, and the comments, and there were plenty.
The sst is what it is. I have shot 4 deer with them. Didn't loose any more meat than any other bullet. The feild dressing was more messy do to the lack of whole chest organs, heart, lungs, you know. The gmx has shot the same as the sst. Try that.gun)
This is second hand information, but I talked to a guy at the range a couple weeks ago who had shot an Antelope with a .243 SST. He said his first shot hit the front shoulder and didn't penetrate due to bullet break up. Required tracking and follow up shot.
I have used them in a 270 Win, 270 WSM & 300 Wby with awesome results on deer. I have never had to shoot a deer twice with these bullets.
I load 130gr SST in son's 270 WSM. Works excellent on deer, has never let him down. Get 3300 fps with 24" barrel.

I use the 139gr SST myself, love it for deer. I would go to the 162gr SST for elk or moose. And 150gr in 270.
I have shot many deer with the 165 sst in my 30-06. Devistating.
Also shot an elk with an encore pistol in 708. Bullet came apart, but hurt the elk enough to walk up and get a follow up shot. I would use a different bullet for elk.
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