Hornady Interbond Bulletes


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Jun 4, 2010
South Africa Limpopo
I have used 150gr Hornady Interbonds in my .270Win for the first time on Kudu. Velocity is in the region of 2900fps. Distance to Kudu was +-120meters. Penetrated on the front broad side crassing the shoulder bone and ribcage. No exit on the other side, but kept 84% for original weight and the mushroom was 2.34 times the caliber size. Excellent!!!
Good to here. Congrats on your Kudu.

I'd have tried the 150 IB's for sure in my 270WSM, but I cannot find them anywhere on the shelf at any of the stores I go to. I suppose I could order some, but if they're not readily available to me on the shelf, I just can't justify it.

Hard to swich from 140 Accubonds anyway, when Nosler is just down the road from my house, & they shoot so dang good. I'm very impressed with thier performance on game as well.

But I'd love to try a high B.C. 150 grain .277 cal bonded/tipped bullet sometime. I wish Hornady would stock them up instead of thier SST, which I am Not a fan of "terminally speaking", but they shot very well out of my rifle.
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