Hornady G2-1500 scale and the law of "you get what you pay for"


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Oct 3, 2017
I decided to grab a cheap hornady scale while perusing my local SGS. Mainly wanted it for weighing bullets as I'm fairly happy with my balance scale for weighing charges.

Initially everything was fine, it weighed it's own calibration weight accurately and checked out with some rcbs test weights that I have for my balance scale. It weighed 300grain nosler CC's and showed a 1-2 grain spread (not to bad for factory seconds)

This struck up enough confidence in me to use it for reloading some charges, these were just going to be light fire forming charges so I wasn't super worried about match grade accuracy. Everything went fine, but I noticed the scale liked to drift it's zero .1-.2grs every few charges. Hornady's instructions are that you should zero the pan often for best accuracy, so I wasn't to worried. This behavior continued though and I decided to use Hornady's re-calibration procedure to see if that would resolve the drift in zero. after following Hornady's step by step instructions and taking into consideration about environmental variables that can throw the scale off, the scale now weights it's 10 gram weight at 10.845 and weights 300 grain bullets at ~327.x

I've gone through their procedure a few more time, but each time it ether goes low or high (fairly consistently too, the test weight has ended up weighing 10.845 twice now)

If i hadn't been paying attention as well as I had I could have ended up with a serious under or over charge situation.

I'll also say that hornady hasn't had a chance to respond yet, but we'll see what they say about this whole situation.

*rant Over*


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