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Oct 1, 2008
Eastern Washington
Well I just bought my first Hornady Dies for my 7mmRM. Well I get it all set up to resize some brass and I did not mearsure 3/16" correctly and had more like 5/16" and some change. Well I noticed that the brass was not going up into the die, so of course instead of stopping like I should have, the neanderthall in me came and and used my force. Did this twice more before thinking that was wrong.

Well long story short I bent the spindle after three cases. Call Hornady today and told them I messed up and wanted to know what it would cost to get a new one. "Bob" told me, no big deal get you a new one under warranty. I told him that I messed it up though, and he said it was okay. Got to love that kind of customer service.

I love my Hornady new Dimension Dies and I've never had to deal with their warranty. They may not be match quality high speed low drag latest greatest what ever, but they work fine for me.:)
They are good dies for sure. I have used a bunch of brands and if I was not going to pony up for the Reddings or Forsters I would absolutely buy the Hornady's.
Basically, I believe we have two "grades" of dies.

First place splits between Forster and Redding.

Second place solidly belongs to everyone else.

The value of slight differences in features and external finish are more of a personal taste than effective quality. And even second place dies arel VERY close to first place, Meaning, they're all so good there isn't a lot of (average) difference in the ammo that can be made with any of them. A reloaders skill means a LOT more to the finished product than the brand of his tools.
I have one set of Hornady dies , 300 wby . when I seated nosler ballistic tips the bullet would get stuck in the seating stem , when I raised the press handle it pulled the bullet back out . the seating stem didn't match the ogive of the bullet . I replaced the die with a redding it works ok . then I find that Hornady makes a different seating stem for the A max style bullet . that probably is what I needed . here is a link to the seating stems .

Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Reloading :: Metallic Reloading :: Dies & Die Accessories :: Die Accessories :: Miscellaneous Die Accessories

when I resize my brass I let the decapping rod lock nut loose on the die . with the Hornady tapered lock nut set up it must be kept tight or the rod slips . Jim
Just got my first set of Hornady dies for my .300 RUM. I dont think I will ever go back to RCBS or LEE.

Not to mention now you get a free box of bullets with ever set of dies.

Edit: Will I need a new seating stem for 210gr Berger VLD's ?
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