Hornady AMAX bullets

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  1. rufous

    rufous Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2001
    My gunsmith recently rebarreled my long range varmint rifle. It was originally a 243 Winchester Ruger Model 77 Mark II Target Rifle. I wore that barrel out a few years ago and rebarreled it with an Olympic Arms (they installed it also) barrel also in 243. That barrel was a 1:10 twist and it shot very well (sub 0.5 MOA out to 700 yards on calm days) with the 87 Hornady VMAX. Then I had it rebarreled a couple years ago to 6-284 using a Pac-Nor barrel. It started out promising but went to pot quickly. I do not know why. It did seem to do best with the Hornady 105 AMAX though. I sent it back but they and the gunsmith I used at that time said that I had ruined it with moly. I kept getting fliers. I finally got it rebarreled again by a different gunsmith (thanks Jack!!) with a Lothar Walther barrel chambered to 243 Winchester with a 1:8 twist. It is shooting very well with the 105 AMAX. I started with the Sierra 107 and then tried the Berger 105VLD but was not getting the consistency that I wanted. Then I decided to try the AMAX. It is being very accurate and consistent. I have shot three 3 shot groups with its favored load (I have only tried 2 powders with the AMAX, Ramshot Magnum and H1000 and only one seating depth- into the lands by 0.020"). Favored load has given me 1 group of 0.24" and two groups of 0.3". I shot this load at 300 yards and got 5 shots in 0.67"! I shot this at 600 yards and got 5 in 3.5" but 4 of those were in 2". They are moly coated and velocity is right at 3000 fps. Give the Walther barrel and AMAX bullets a try. Please do not take this as a slam against Pac-Nor or Sierra or Berger, it is just that I am having great success with the Walther barrel and Hornady AMAX bullets. Rufous.
  2. OKIE2

    OKIE2 Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2007
    I sure hope you didn't discard the barrel that the gunsmith told you it is no good only because you shot moly in it. It is good you went to another gunsmith I would never use a gunsmith that thinks that.
    it is not true and never will be also you can clean it out It's not like it's chrome plated. If moly don't work why do you have to use more powder to get back the fps you had before using it?