Horizonal change between bullets?


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Mar 9, 2009
I have a savage 22-250 and it groups well under an inch at a 100yds. I changed from 45gr hollow point to 50gr vmaxs and they both are still grouping tight but the vmaxs are grouping 3inches to the left. When I load the same bullets for my friends gun his just changes verticly. What could be the reason for this?
A different POI for different bullets is completely normal. I once did an experiment with two different loads. The loads were identical with the exception of the bullet. They were the same weight and style, but different manufacturers. They both shot good groups but were 4" horizontal and 9" vertical difference in POI. Just keep a record of what scope adjustment is needed to go back and forth if you want to use both loads. It's nice they both shot as good as they did.
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