Homemade shooting sticks


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Sep 16, 2009
I am going to be making a pair of tripod shooting sticks this weekend. So i figured i would see if any of you guys have done the same? I will post pics Monday of how my turned out. Anyone have pics of your homemade shooting sticks?
Yes, I have a homemade tripod that I made a few years ago. All you need is (3) 5/8's wooden dowel's that are 36" long, 4-5 postal size rubber bands and some electrical tape. I simply put the rubber bands about 5" from one end of the (3) dowel's then wrap electrical tape around the bands about 6 times . Perfect for shots while sitting or kneeling.

As a matter of fact I have these high tech sticks loaded with my gear to head to WY tomorrow.:D
I'm anxious to see your pics Kyle - please post 'em up when you've get 'em together!

I've thought about making a set myself when i'm able to get shooting again. As i read Jimbo's post i thought about how the wood dowels are probably quite steady and light weight too, but packability may not be as convenient...

So, i thought about a way to shorten the sticks for packability and 'viola - i had an idea!!! Since i'm also in photography and use a couple tripods - all of which have collapsible legs - why not cannibalize an 'el-cheapo' tripod for its legs? It would be very easy to remove the legs from center post/mount lug and i'd have 3 very lightweight, stable, collapsible legs with "grippy" feet.

Simply work out how to connect them at the top and instant shooting sticks!!!! Since a cheapo tripod can be had (or found in many people's closet not getting any use) for $20 and under, it's a low-budget project with possible big pay-off.
WalMart has a collapsable shooting stick, or at least the one in Harrisonburg, Va. does. They are $9.97 and extend from 21" to 60", which is perfect for the shooting that I encounter while walking and while sitting. I bought two, one that I originally purchased for me, which my wife found out worked great for her camera and photography and wanted. Of course then another to replace the original. It's made by Allen, I think, and comes with a screw-on V-rest and grometed wrist strap. It is strudy enough for my 11-13lbs rifles. JohnnyK.
I like the idea Fmmajor had, i am going to make two pair now. I will make one using and old cheap camera tripod and make an attachment for the part that screws onto the camera, instead of screwing onto a camera i will take a piece of C-beam drill that out and tap it for the standard 1/4-20 thread and put some foam on the side my gun would rest and then i believe i will have a tripod that could be used for cameras, guns, etc. It make sense in my head i don't know if i explained it very good, but i will post pics Monday.
Depending on the height of the sticks, you can use aluminium arrow shafts, tent poles etc.

Tie them with 550 cord of para cord.
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