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Dec 9, 2020
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I have had ADT since 1997 and had several different houses. Our current house is 14-15 years old. Since over a year ago I have been trying get ADT to up grade our system. Every Customer Service person i talked to was from overseas and could hardly understand them trying to speak English. I can't type all the stupid answers i got so finally gave up.
Well now or system is not working and ADT CS Person said they can't help because the system is too old. I asked for an upgrade and they wanted to send out a tech and a new system is about $2K. You can get a better deal if you are a new customer rather than a 26 year customer.
The other day after having an incident at out home I decided to do an upgrade DIY ADT System. I spoke will (11) Customer Service people from other countries and each on would not answer my questions and kept pushing have ADT do the install and kept trying to give me quotes. I did the DYI on ADT Website and the total was $986.00. ADT people kept trying to sell me over $2K.

They said that I have to cancel my existing account before I do the DYI. Every time i asked to cancel they would transfer me to another person and they never picked up or the line went dead. ADT doesn't want me to do a DYI and won't let me cancel my current system.

These new systems are all wireless and internal battery. You just put the sensor where you want with double side take. Same with the main unit it has a cell built in.
I think that ADT is a good company and also looked at Simply Safe, but it did not compare to ADT for what we want.
ANYONE using a different Home security System?
Still have a security system working in my house, but not connected to any company that will call the police. I have two neighbors with shotguns that will come running. Had mine connected to ADT. They alerted me of the possible break in. I was 45 minutes away and hurried home. As I was coming up the road I live on a county police officer was looking for my address. Wife had not closed a side door well enough a wind or something opened it setting off the alarm. My neighbor came to check it out and closed the door. I thought why am I paying for the cops to show up 45 minutes later. ADT threatened to call my insurance company and tell them I was dropping my coverage. I'd already told my agent what happened. He agreed that as long as my alarm system worked I'd still get the discount from them.
First I remember when ADT would give you a security system for FREE as long as you signed up for a year or two.

I spent 4-5 hours on the phone yesterday and was just on HOLD al the time.
Started calling to day at 8:45AM. Was put on hold 15 times up till 3:58PM. Finally got a person from the USA. She spent 48 minutes with me and I told her from the beginning all the BS I got all day and did not want ADT Installation, Just wanted to CANCEL my account "NO UPGRADE" and get a new one from doing the DYI installation. After one hour she told me that she could cancel my account but that she would give me a GREAT deal on everything that I picked out and would have it installed with a great monthly monitoring price.
Now I told her a dozen time that I wanted to cancel and over a dozen other ADT CS Reps didn't listen to me.
The price for a DYI with all the bells and whistles was $980.46 delivered with Tax and the first month monitor fee of $34.99 and then $34.99 a month going forward.
Tha lady came back and said she had a GREAT price for me since I was a customer since 1997. Everything that i put in my cart that was extra she gave me a discount price of $2198.26 and $9.60 a month for monitor services and then $69.78 every month after.
What a deal. I went from $960.46 delivered for all the components to $2,198.6 and from $34.99 a month to 69.78.
How stupid are we as a society? I know that ADT is an international company, but why take advantage of the USA customer base.

I did check out other Home security Systems and ADT does have the best, but they are taking advantage of USA customers.

I did buy the DYI Package and will be getting it a few days. The lady that I talked to finally said that my account would be canceled and she emphasized that I would no longer have coverage from that account. I told her that is fine because I have not had coverage for months and no one from ADT would fix my system that's why I am buying everything new.

We have the Pups for our main defense and then our wits for defense. Neighbors are too far away.

Just want to update everything. we have perimeter sensors, video/cameras, lights and the Pups. Now with this new system additional videos to the internet/cloud with notifications, motion detectors, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, panic key pads and Fobs that connect to PD/FD and our phones. Have three redundant system now plus a few more secret ones. There are some really good deterrents that are legal to put in place.
Having a FLL you need to have Security in place.
Everything still comes down to personal awareness!
Want a good alert system? Get some geese! They hate everything, and will tell the world how much they hate everything. 😁
Better than Geese. Get some Peacocks. I had then while I had a horse farm in CT. They were the best ALARM. They make noises like from outer space! They would fly up on the top of the Barn or House and man would they sound off if an intruder came on the property.
It is something that they knew us, the dogs, horses, goats but anyone else they would sound off.
I have a system that was professionally installed but it seems after about 5 years it is outdated. I’m considering replacing it with a Ring system and we always have our old school backup.


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I have a system that was professionally installed but it seems after about 5 years it is outdated. I’m considering replacing it with a Ring system and we always have our old school backup.
I finally went with ADT DYI and have a lot of extras. Plus this system is compatible with all Google products for you home.
The main thing with a Security System is acting like a DETERANT so some will think first about getting caught or have bodily injuries.
Then having a system that will notify you if there is an intrusion or a fire while you are home.
Third is if we go away and someone does break-in the Sheriff will be on the way. ASAP. response time here is GREAT. Also with smoke detectors through out our home and two Fire Stations within two miles of our home.
Plus I installed several other security systems, the Pups and Personal protection devices.

After some things that have happened recently I want Jill to at least feel a little SAFE and have Detection & Protection for her.

BTW Great looking German Shepard!
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The wireless systems require good Wi-Fi signals to support their cameras in remote areas around the house. I had to do some upgrades when installing ADT cameras outside.
I put up multiple "Area under video surveillance 24/7" signs, "beware of dog" signs, and Simplisafe protected signs along my long gravel driveway. Delivery people, etc. always ask about the dogs. My wife's dachshunds will chew their ankles off. We have geese and guineas too.
Hope all is well with you and your family.
We have big ADT signs on both sides of our driveway entrance and on the mailbox. Then there is a wireless Camera in Plain view for all to see that they are on video. Also have motion detection. Then down the driveway we have these signs and another video camera. At the house we have motion sensor lighting all around the house and have motion detection and video at every entrance. There are also so devices that you can put a 12 gauge blank in a have trip wires on it.
You would have to be a real determined (stupid) criminal to come on our property to steal or try harm.

It is SAD to have to live this way. Even though we live in the country and have great neighbors we have to take precautions. Years ago we never locked our doors and had neighbors that would come over and knock twice and come in the house say "Hello its Jon". Now the doors are locked and neighbors text before coming over.

Some delivery drivers from FedX won't come in the drive and leave packages on the ground.


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