Holland Signature Series, LH 30-06

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Jul 20, 2012
Missoula, Montana
CA260219-757A-4751-BAF7-3F68B8E90F60.jpeg Gun was built by Darrell Holland on Signature Series action, which is made by Borden. $2850 with extras included.

24” Hart Barrel, 10 twist. Think it is #3 or #4 profile but if someone can tell me where to measure to confirm I will gladly do it.
McMillan Hunter stock, 50% olive, 25% gray, 25 black
Jewell trigger
Metal Tuff coated matte gray
Rifle weighs 8.6 lbs with Holland’s pic rail base.
Approximately 500 shots through it, rifle completed in spring of 2015

Comes with Whidden Custom dies - full body sizer with bushings, micrometer seating. Dies built off of fired brass specific to this chamber.
Lucas bore guide included.
Comes with Pelican 1750 case with foam cut for this gun. Will ship in this case.
Bipod and scope/rings/bubble level not included.
Comes with several hundred 1x and 2x fired brass, Nosler brand.

Minor chip in stock - actually was likely some kind of air bubble in the stock that popped right when I got it. McMillan said they would fix if I wanted to send in but I haven’t bothered with it as it is not noticeable and doesn’t create any issues.

Load development done with rifle. Just ran out of powder and haven’t adjusted load to a new lot since I am selling the gun. Test target at 100 yds with load shows rifle’s potential. New, rifle cost $5k, plus hard case, dies, an additional $700 or so. Selling for $2850 with everything listed above. Not interested in trades. If paying with PayPal, add 3%.
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