Hogs in Texas


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Sep 19, 2012
Spring Lake Michigan
I would do $100 bucks a hog because they are my favorite thing to hunt. The guys on the ranch in texas I go to think I'm crazy to pass a deer for a hog. But I like to hunt them. It's the $285 each or the $1 a pound **** that gets me. Nope think my hog hunting days are done.
Congratulations your hog problem just got worse by about 40 a year and the offspring that come with them.
I used to pay $125 each then $150 last year the rate went up and my group of 8-12 guys said nope. To much. That's a lot of pigs that could have been removed but not now. I think I see why the problem is getting worse. It's gonna end like the deer here in Michigan. Soon the government will be paying big money to people to get rid of them. Then us tax payers are stuck paying for something we have no part of and had a solution to that was free. Not a perfect solution but a pretty good one.
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