HogHuntingHogs/wild hog hunts ???


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Jan 19, 2007
Great Falls, MT
A buddy of mine has an opportunity to hunt pigs this year with the hoghuntinghogs outfit or wild hog hunts (same thing I believe). I think I saw a pop-up advertisment for them on our site here a while back. Anyways, has anybody HUNTED with them who can give us a review of what to expect. He has heard mixed "rumors" but nothing directly from any guests. If someone has some firsthand knowledge we shure would appreciate it.

I'm curious about this too, saw their ad somewhere...

One thing I can recommend is pope brothers guide and outfitting service, had an awsome time there hunting pigs!
Yep I'm pretty sure that's the one. Have any experiences with them? The fact that they spot and stalk hogs is cool. Most others it's from box stand over corn...
No never hunted with them just been doing a lot of reading on different outfitters and came across them. But I was looking for SC hunt not down there.
I'm also looking for some SC or even further north hog hunting places. I'm located in Va. If you don't mind, where are you located? I'm thinking we could do a Lrh.com hog hunt sometime. Always fun to meet new people with the same passion and sling some lead.
I know this isn't NC, but I've hunted here Loshbough Hunting Range 3 different times, and would go back in a heartbeat. You can either sit in a stand, spot and stalk or they can run the dogs. Your choice, they are really easy to work with. They don't feed ya, but there is a fully equipped kitchen in the "bunkhouse".

I didn't see any place where it was "long range", but there are places to shoot a couple hundred yards if you thread it thru the trees. I used my Savage ML all 3 times. The hogs that I shot were 250#-300#, and my buddy shot one that took 4 of us to barely get it up on the tailgate of the pickup after field dressing it. I was wondering how Daniel (one of the owners) was going to get it out of the woods, but he'll drive his pickup anywhere (and it shows :D). For the exotics, there is a different area than the hogs. Be forwarned, it IS a high fenced place, but Tenn. legalities dictates it to be so. You can get turned around in there pretty good, in my 3 trips of all spot and stalk I only saw the fence once.
I run hog hunts on our place here in south texas. the ranch is 6000ac i get 300.per person for Two days and 2 nights half day Fri--half day Sunday. I'm also eze to work with. if you want to stand hunt we have 16 nice stands with office chairs and feeder no junky stands, i will feed the roads and you can spot and stalk are we can spot light at night from the hunting truck are just ride around and shoot from the truck. i don't care what you use are how many you kill are how you kill them. i have a nice double wide trailer to stay in with ac/heat. I don't cook but there is every thing you need to cook any thing you could want to. you don't even have to take them home if don't want to. Coyotes have to eat to. I do have some long range spots from 100-2500 yards. the only rule i have is no drinking and hunting you can drink as long as you do not have any weapon in your hands. I have a couple of guys from here that come almost every year ones is already booked for march.
If you need info give me a call
thanks Jeff
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Wow coming from a guy that is on the east coast.. The longest shot on game that I have made was at 247 years w/257wby. on a whitetail..

Great shooting...
I booked a hunT with these guys for my dad, brother and I... I would also be interested in hearing if anybody hasexperience with them.
I think that wilg hog hunts is the place we hunted with a few years back. If anyone can give me a little better description of their location or of the place it will jog my memory. If it is the same guy, I have many words of caution for you. I know this thread is a little old, but I am looking for a place to hunt maybe winter '11-12 with a few friends. Been once, really want to go again. Not looking for anything fancy, just so long as I know what to expect. Want a mixture of big hogs for fun and some 100lb ers for eatin'. If anyone has a good lead on a place please let me know.
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