Hodgdon h4350?


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Jan 7, 2003
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Have any of you guys ever use H4350 in a .3006? an old friend recomended this powder
using 53grains in a .3006 load. I can't find anything in my only loading manual.(sierra)
What is the weight of the bullets that you plan to load?

The Hodgdon web site shows a starting load of 53.0 grains and a max load of 59.0 grains for a Sierra 165 grains SPBT. The web site also gives 52.0 as the starting load for a 180 grain bullet and 57.5 as the max.. Look on the Hodgdon web site for more bullet weights. This powder should work very well in your 3006.
H4350 in a .30-06? Oh my yes. I use 57g behind the 165g Hornady FBSP. Works great. So does IMR4350, but this particular rifle groups a bit better with the H4350.

I use 58 gr of H4350 under a 165 gr AB. It's a half a grain past listed max but has shown no signs of pressure. Your results may differ.
H-4350 is one of the best powders for the 30-06. you should be able to go up some from 53 grains. hogdon list 59 grain as max behind a 165 sie. i currently use 50.6 grain of varget with a 168 in three 30-06s.
I'm also using 58gr H4350 under a 165 AB.

I all use 59gr H4350 under a 150 AB.

Both provide excellent results.
I like it. Everybody was out of IMR4350 so I tried a lb. of H4350 in my 25-06 . I used to shoot 53 gr. Imr 4350, lakecity match brass necked down to 25-06, cci lr primers topped off with a sierra 100 gr gameking. 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Worked up to 52 gr H4350 no pressures whatso ever, groups shrunk to 1/2 inch consistantley.:cool: Have never looked back .
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