high BC for 22-250


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Oct 5, 2007
i'm considering purchasing a stevens in 22-250 and would like to work up a load for long range coyote hunting, i'm experienced long range shooter having taken coyotes, mule deer and whitetails out to 700 yards with multiple calibers, namely 308 win, 300 RUM and 338 RUM, but would like to have a designated "coyote gun" currently i'm using an AR180B for coyotes but accuracy limits shots to 200 yards, even careful handloads have only resulted in 2-3 inch 100 yard groups. what i need to know is what is the heaviest/longest bullet the stevens will stabilize. i've had good luck with the 69gr SMK.
Last I knew the Stevens/Savage 22-250 sporter barrels are all 1/12 twist so the 69 grainers would be iffy at best. lightbulb You could however get a 9 twist 223 barrel, ream it out to 22-250 and screw it on to shoot about any weight you want.
i realize the requirements of a fast twist barrel to stabilize a long heavy bullet, thats why i asked the question, what is the heaviest bullet the stevens would reliably stabilize? to my thinking a 55gr maybe the heaviest, thanks for the suggestion machv, it seems like someone would offer a 22-250 with a fast twist bbl, with its power capacity it seems like a no brainer, it seems most 22-250 shooters are speed junkies and load 40-45 gr bullets to over 4000fps,
... lightbulb You could however get a 9 twist 223 barrel, ream it out to 22-250 and screw it on to shoot about any weight you want.
This is what I'm doing.

Take-off barrels from LTRs and PSSs are around, check with some of the tactical rifle builders and see what they have.
I have had good results with 52GR BTHP SMK's. Last one I shot at 100 yards through the breast plate and she never took another breath.
I shoot the 55gr sierra blitzkings in my custom 22-250.

Started to go with a fast twist and ackley improved but after thinking it over even a 22-250 is rarely put to the test on coyotes.They are just too hard to see and don't pose for a shot very often.
The sierra blitzkings have .271 bc when above 3100fps so when you send them out at 3750fps they make a good coyote bullet too me.
High velocity seems to make the plastic tip bullets do what i like them to do -knock the crap out of a coyote out too 400yds..
Of coarse a fast twist barrel shooting a 75gr amax would out run the 55's and have the cool factor to boot.
Good luck -Mike
i'm guessing a 1:12 twist is too slow for anything heavier than a 50-55gr V-max/ NBT, here's another question will a 243 win stabilize a 107gr A-max at 3200 fps with a 1:9.25 twist bbl?
The 3 Savage 9.25 twist will group the 105Amax and 107MK but the 2 old 10.25 twists like the 55s and not much else??
The plan for the 6br and 6-284 was to shoot heavy bullets so 8 twist barrels where ordered.
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