hi to all - new member from black hills of s.d.


Jan 25, 2010
I found out about this web site on The Best Of The West. I have been shooting 22-250 and 270 most of my life, but got a wild hair and traded them both off on a Cooper Varminter Laminate in 6.5/.284 norma. I could not afford to buy the Cooper any other way, so hope I don't regret it. Anyway I love to hunt and target shoot and look forward to talking with you all. oldmanrich
Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
Cooper makes great guns. You shouldnt regret it at all. I went P-Dog shooting just outside of the black hills about 30 min south of Rapid City a few years back. It is sure pretty country out that way.
Oldmanrich, if your reading and posting here then your not computer dumb. Non of us were born with computer skills...like anything else we learn as we go. Hell compared to some of the guys here I sometimes feel gun, ammo, reloading, wind etc. dumb...but I'm learning. Anyway didn't want you to feel different than anyone else here. Take care.
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