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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
Been busy lately with things. Chad has some new toys in his arsenal now.

I got my old fixtures back from Nesika last week. They were DIRTY. Hadn't been used in over 3 years! That's fine with me cause no one left there really knew how they worked anyway. I made all of these when I first went to work for them.

Sooo, I'm in good shape now. Saves me a whole hoot of work.

Here's a few pics:




And here's the latest project. I've been contracted by an ammunition company to make 3 chamber gauges. 50 holes X 3 blocks. 150 holes total chambered in 5.56mm NATO. About as fun as invasive dentistry without the anesthesia, but it's a challenge to hold +/- .00025" on the depth so I kinda like that part. I had a rough go at first. Smoked a reamer on the first hole. It's been a bit of a learning curve but she's cutting really good now. I should have the first one finished tonight.

Here's a few pics of these little biches too:



Ok, Chad ya got me all the way around.

A: The fixtures are impressive but giving them to me would be like giving a crescent wrench to a cave man:) There's no way I could become used to working on something that ya didn't have to chase across the bench.

B: What in the squat would a 50 hole chamber gauge be used for?

As I continue aging I'm discovering more things that I can't do. Good thing there are folks like you out there,
Hi Roy,

The chamber gauges is so they can go straight from gauge to the foam block used in packaging. Plop em in, inspect, and then plop right into the box and out the door they go.

Makes sense I guess when they have MILLIONS to do. Glad it's not me, I'm only good for about 500 rounds. After that I start debating on whether to suck start my Glock 19.
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