Hi from Oregon

Broke Okie Ty

Jan 1, 2013
My name's Ty. I live in Oregon and decided to build my 1st rifle. So here I am and some of my plan. My goal is a good rifle capable of hunting 1st and long range shooting 2nd. I was planning a savage .300wm action, houge stock, 26" Shilen barrel, and I'm still working on the rest of my research. I am not new to shooting or hunting, but I have never needed a long range rifle as I am mostly a shot gunner. I have one deer rifle that my grandfather gave me. It's a Rem 760 in 30_06, and also very old. After going to Idaho this year for a deer hunt, I decided to buy a rifle better suited for 100+ yard hunting. After thinking about it, I also decided to build said rifle, instead of just buying one. I'm a very DIY kinda guy. I have built many toyota 4x4s and other sorts of projects. Hopefully the gun smith I have been talking to will guide me through the project while still letting me get hands on with the build. Anyway, if you have any helpful info or ideas, please feel free to share them. As always happy gun)
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