Hi from east tennrssrr


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Dec 1, 2009
East Tennessee
Thought I'd say hey. I'm from east tennessee. I've not gotten into long range shooting yet, but i've been doing a lot of shooting and loading for the last 40 years. I've been reading a lot in the background and asking some questions for a 2010 Wyoming antelope hunt. I'm just starting working on a Remingtion 700 in 7mm remington mag. It's a plain jane with synthetic stock. I've put a 3.4 X 10 Loupold vxlll on it with redfield mounts and weaver one piece base. My wife who will be with me on the Wyoming hunt for antelope shoots a Remington 700 ADL in 270 Winchester with a 2.5 x 8 Leupold vxlll. Right now i'm looking at stocks to replace my factory synthetic on the 7mm. Great forrum and i've enjoyed all the advice.

Welcome, glad to have you here. Sounds like some nice rigs you have there and good luck on your trip to Wyoming. I've been through Bristol Tenn. a few times...beautiful country especially in spring.
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