Hi from Belgium

Otto Bock

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Dec 14, 2009
Otto Bock was the German inventor of the 9.3x62 Mauser a **** effective caliber.
I'm fond of hunting roe buck deer which is much more small than the american white tail and I'm looking for information on long range shooting gear and techniques.
My actual equipment is a mix of new and old world stuff a Steyr mannlicher luxus in .270 win and a Blaser offroad in .308 win.
I like clean shots and nice bullet placement and I think that it is a responsibility for the hunter to train and know his equipment in order to achieve this.
Hello Otto, and welcome aboard. As a new member to LRH, I have found it to be most beneficial. You will find that there is always someone here toanswer questions and relate to your posts and threads.
By the way, my lineage is from Nurnburg Germany. I have a few relatives there.
Post some pics of those roe buck!
Take care.
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