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Feb 4, 2009
I figured it was time I posted, I have been reading and learning from this sight for about a month now. I found this sight when my brother sent me a link with pictures of his 243 WSSM and the Coyote he gave a side window to with it.

I met a Marine Sniper when I lived in Los Angeles, (Van Nuys) California, who helped get me into my first long range rifle. I have always had an interest in hunting and shooting. I got my first rifle in Grade School and have not looked back since, though my wife wishes other wise.

My first long range gun was a Remington 308 VSSF. I learned much with that gun and about cried when I had to sale it for school money. My current hunting rig is a Remington 700 in 300 RUM with a Leupold 4.5-14x40 AO with Mil-Dot reticle.

The farthest I have shot out to is 980 yards give or take, I was shooting up hill at an unknown angle and did not have my ranger finger with me. None the less the rock still died just the same. I had to reverse figure the range by noting the come ups I had dialed in and then figure how many yards the MOA equaled.

My 300 RUM is all stock, but for the muzzle crown I had re-cut after I picked it up. My afore mentioned brother RH300RUM picked up a 338 Edge from one of the members here on LRH and now I have to have one.

I have wanted a 338 form some time, none of the ones I have seen till now were all that appealing. The Edge will be my first custom built gun specifically for long range hunting and BIG Game hunting, Bear, Moose and Elk.

I use to work in a Sporting Goods store and my brother came in and asked me to get him a 300 RUM and picked my brain about long range shooting. Now I am the one asking him all the questions about long range shooting, he has passed me in knowledge, equipment and experience. Time for me to level the “playing field” some this next year.

I live in Northern Utah, were I fish hunt and hike. I lost my Labrador who was 13 years old, that I got from my Brother when I moved back form California. Briar passed on Labor day and my German Shepherd moved into his shoes and now is my hiking, camping and running partner. She has to be exercised daily or she does stuff like pull the lawn mower out and turns it upside down so the gas and oil leak out on the lawn.

I have built some of my fishing rods and tie flies when I get a chance. I reload for my 7mm Mag, 300 RUM and other firearms. Before I got married I use to shoot in IPSC pistol matches with a Kimber Custom in 45 ACP, also sold for school money.

I do a fair amount of shooting with the AR-15 platform and have assembled several for my self and others. It is my main bunny bustin firearm and take it out when ever the bunnies are in a surplus.

Really like this sight so far, well organized and moderated.

I will post pictures of my 300 RUM when I figure out how to do so.

Talk to you in the Forums.

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