Hey Y'all from Music City

Greg Page

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Aug 8, 2018
Hi Gang,
I'm a long time shooter and reloader from Nashville, TN. Started reloading 7mm Rem Mag at 14 with the original $9.95 Lee Loader. Scary when I think back about that... I've moved up in hardware a bit since then, but my favorite whitetail load of 64gr of H4831 behind a Sierra 140gr Gameking still groups .4s and .5s in that original 60's vintage M700BDL.

I worked through Junior high and high school in a Charlotte NC Gun Store, and spent every penny I earned on rifles. Was competing in BR matches at 15 with a beautiful custom .222: a long Hart barrel and a modified Sako L461 action, built by the late, great Keith Stegal in Colorado.

Only recently bitten by the long range bug, so I've been trading out all my old school Leupold and Bushnell scopes for FFP scopes with hold-over reticles and easily adjustable turrents. Unfortunately, there's only one range within 100 miles that goes past 420yds, and that one has a waiting list to join, so compared to most of you guys on the forum, I'm still shooting short range.... :-(

Currently shooting and loading for .223, .243, 257 Weatherby mag (oh my!), 6.5 grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor (Like everyone else) 7mm rem mag, 308, 300 Blackout, and soon..... .338 Lapua Mag.
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