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May 5, 2008
Jaws and I have just ordered tac 300 actions that we want to have built into

lighter weight dual use rifles. We want them to be able to be used for stalking

as well as some long range stuff out to say 750 yards. We both have 338

edges and so were looking for something a bit smaller. I guess they would be

similar to what you guys refer to as a sheep rifle. Sambar deer will be one of

the main targets in the steep victorian high country.

In the areas that we hunt the minimum legal caliber for Sambar is a 270win.

I was thinking about a fluted 26in barrel in a No 4 or 5 contour in either a 7mm

WSM or 300WSM. I figure the long action will allow the use or heavier bullets

without encroaching on powder space. Not sure on which stock or whether to

add a muzzel brake or not. I think Jaws is leaning towards a 300WBY.

Any feedback on caliber, barrel, stock etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Matt
I would go with a 7mm and build a 7 RSAUM shooting the 180's. It would do it in a LA. My other choice would be a 7 STW with a Wyatt box.
My vote goes to the 7SAUM or the 300WSM. I own a 300WSM and it will do all you want and more. I am loading with the 208 A-Max right now and Reloader 17 powder. Velocities are looking pretty good as well as accuracy. My first loading produced 1.4" at 200yrds. I'm good for american whitetail deer to almost 1200 yards at 1000ft of elevation.

The amazing thing is that this is was shot off my 100 yard zero loading 200grn SMK's. Not sure how that worked out, but I have some bullets waiting to be shot at 200yrds with some tweaking. I'll follow this thread and let you know what it does on Wednesday. Should be interesting, they are calling for windy conditions on that day. Its the only place I can get a flat 200yrd range.

"I was thinking about a fluted 26in barrel in a No 4 or 5 contour in either a 7mm WSM or 300WSM"

You can't go wrong with either in a custom rifle. I am looking at a 7WSM for my remote area Sambar, back pack hunts. The Edge is just too heavy for those steep hills with a pack and Stag on your back as well.

However, if you are going to drive all the way down here for Sambar and not going back packing........................."Use the force Luke"...................Bring the 338Edge.
Norm that is exactly why I want both. And I will probably bring both down to Vic when I have them. I love being able to sit and watch from a long way off and take that long shot however I also still love stalking. A backpacking rifle is part of the incentive for this build. Who do think you will get to build your next rifle Norm?

Thanks for all the replies. I am probably leaning towards the 7mm WSM as I already have a 300 WSM although its not a custom rifle.

A lot of guys have been recommending the 7mm SAUM over the WSM version. What are the reasons for this? I thought the WSM produced higher velocities and so would be better for longrange hunting.

Who do think you will get to build your next rifle Norm?


My faith in Aussie gunsmiths is now "lower than shark ****".

If I had one close and handy I might use his services, as I could then pester him a lot if things were not right. But all the gunsmiths that I know are a long way from where I live. This makes it hard when things are not up to the quality that I expect.

Next year I plan to buy a lathe and build my own rifle. That way I can only blame myself if it is not right.
Its a shame isn't it. I am sure there are some very capable ones out there as Aussie built guns are competitive internationally its just finding out which ones.

So it might be gunsmith Norm next year aye.

If yours turns out ok I might have another project for you :D:D:D
Yeah it makes sense. I have actually read it before along with many others on My issue is that I will be only using a 26in barrel and I am worried that I might not be able to push the 180s fast enough. They recon the best accuracy node is between 2950 and 3050. The longer neck would be nice though. Anybody out there with a 26in barreled saum got some feedback for us?
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