Help with milling a tgt and making (dialing) forcorrections


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Mar 27, 2011
Ultimately want to know when I mil a target for range how to dial it into my optic. I have a LPOLD MK IV 3.5x10x40

Im good with the MIL relation formula and am zeroed at 500 meters. However I don't want to use holds and want to dial the range into my optic

If at 100 yds, 1 MIL = 3.438 MOA.

What does 100 Meters, 1 MIL=______ MOA?
I have done some asking on another forum and these were the questions asked:

Is it a FFP reticle?
Yes it is FFP

At the 500 meter zero how much elevation travel do you have in either direction up or down?
Is it on an angled base?
The Base is a 20 MOA Base and as far as travel I have quite a bit.

MOA turrets or mil turrets?
1/4 MOA

Have you ever used an online ballistics calculator like JBM?
No, I'm trying to stay away from using a ballistic computer and would like to learn the optic by making corrections as well as shooting.

Try a 100 yard zero.
I don't understand why shoot 100?

This is the optic I have:
Leupold Optics Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm (30mm) M1 Front Focal - | Leupold Optics

Any additional help would be great!

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Jul 20, 2007
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Either you really aren't tracking what the mil-relation formula is for or I am really not tracking what you are asking.

The mil-relation formula, as used with an optic, is used in conjunction with a mil-based reticle to get the range (estimate) to a target of a known size.
Once the range from the gun position to the intended target has been establish (and you are wanting to adjust for that range via turrets) you either:
1- check the drop chart you have made from previously firing at that range (hopefully
with the same or really close conditions).
2- check the drop chart you made from using a ballistic program.

Then adjust your turret to the moa (if that's what your turret adjustments are) that corresponds to the range of the intended target.

You don't need a ballistic program but it sure will help you get started. I think you should use one to make an initial drop chart and then go confirm/tweak it as needed.
Then you should keep detailed notes on firing in different conditions so that you can reference the changes in your adjustments for those different conditions when needed.


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Mar 27, 2011
Believe it or not, your answer helped. Sorry if I wasnt clear. Is there a place I can creat a ballistic chart on an excel sheet?

Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
I have the same scope. With your turrets, you are able to dial for corrected ranges. I zero mine at 100 yds and dial.
You can use your mildots for wind holds if needed.

I have used this JBM for drop charts , but now for $1.99 you can get ballistic calculators for uour iphone and they work.

JBM - Calculations - Trajectory

Good luck

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