Help with .223 choice


Jan 24, 2010
Im new to this forum and mainly joined to ask a few question... I am looking to purchase a .223 bolt action. Im trying not to spend over 450.00 and would like to find a rifle that is dependable and accurate. I've seen the savage, stevens model 200 and i've been told that would make a good rifle. please give me any suggestoins and links to help me out. thanks
FWIW save up 500 more and buy you a 5R in a 223.then you can have both worlds shooting 50gn-77gn bullets.

I have one and love it.but hey this is just my opinion.the first two replys are just as good.
I know that you want to keep below the 450 mark but in my opinion one of the best factory .223's is a remington VS FS 2. They are great shooting guns and I don't think it can be beat out of the box.
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