Help! What big 30cal?


Oct 8, 2020
North Dakota
I have my main three components (stock, action, barrel) and I knew I wanted a big 30cal but wasn't sure what to do. I have a proof carbon 28" 1:9" barrel and gunwerks GRB LA magnum action.

The gun will be 85% big game hunting and the occasional target day

Currently debating between 30 sherman mag and 300 prc. Would like to shoot 230-245 class bullets.

Thanks gentlemen
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30/28 nosler, or 30 nosler with a defensive edge +p throat. They're both larger capacity cases than Sherman or its parent prc. All cases loaded to same pressure, the biggest case will go the fastest.
I thoroughly enjoy my PRC. I built off of a Terminus action, 24" proof barrel with a can. I'm shooting factory pills for now: 225s are getting 2890. Shoots better than I can for sure. Holds half a minute or under out to 1k. Not the most powerful by any means but more than enough for me, and I enjoy the option of quality box bullets on shelves for less than 50 bucks a box.
I was planning a 300WM but found tenacity ultra mag for great price. I went with the 30 nosler and couldn't be happier. I think it's an under rated cartridge that doesn't get the respect it deserves. It's nearly identical to the PRC as stated above. Of course you could offset that with the 30-28 nosler as well. I It's been very easy to load for running a 230 berger up to 3050 with no pressure signs over H1k. There's more speed with other powders but I prefer the hodgen extreme line in all my shooting. My thoughts are if you want to go faster, get a bigger shell not a hotter powder.

I think it's often overlooked but fills a niche nearly perfectly between the Winny and RUM.

My current load is running the 230 at 2970 for best accuracy plus brass life and felt recoil is a little better. Ive loaded 4 different bullets from 200-230 to .5moa or better at 300 yards.
Well a 30 sherman mag is an imp version of the 300 PRC. Neither will suck. You can always do a rum to run faster, just make sure you have 4" mag space .
Its all about how fast ya wanna go. Check out the threads about the 245 berger in 300 PRC. 2900 ish out of 28" barrels with n570 . A 28-30 nos is a slight bump in capacity also and is certainly fine and probably a slightly better case design but I don't know much about those things. I like the adg brass that both are available in I do know that. Certainly worth the $2 each when you get 4x the firings.
the 300 Razor was designed to clean out all the other chambers in one pass and will give you a new throat as well, works off the mag boltface and h20 capacity just over the 300 Rum, seen here with the 245 Berger seated to function smoothly in 3.850" cip magazines

ready to load and shoot, headstamped brass can be ordered directly from RCC and reamers from PT&G


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