Help narrowing down choice for first backcountry pack.


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Feb 21, 2012
The Wilderness
^ On the idea of having one pack that can do 5-7 day hunts and also work well for dayhunts, that is something we focus on...
EXO, I really like mine. Get 2 bags & swap them out if you want 2 bag system or get one larger bag & run it for larger loads/longer outings. Bags compress down. Comfortable, lightweight, carry
Loads nicely.


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Jul 18, 2012
I think both brands of packs you are looking at are great choices. I have used many packs in the back country over the years. Currently using a Kifaru. The thing I would consider is getting a slightly bigger bag. The bags are pretty ligh these days and when hunting deer I carry my deer out plus all my gear in one trip. I can barely do this with 6000 CI bag and have to tie some of my gear inside a bag on the outside of my pack.


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Dec 13, 2020

Thank you for the responses. I mentioned in the last post that I had ordered the MR Beartooth 80 and was waiting on the SG Xcurve to come back in stock which happened a couple days later. I ordered the Krux, Xcurve, and R3-5900 bag from them. After playing with each for a little over a week, I ended up keeping the SG Krux with the R-5900 bag.

All 3 frames and both bags were very well built. I loaded each pack/Frame with 32lbs and adjusted them per each companies "how to adjust your pack" videos on YouTube. For me both SG frames were noticeably more comfortable than the MR. The MR bag just felt heavier. I think that is because the SG belt and shoulder straps seem wider and distribute the weight across a wider area than the MR belt/straps. Also the SG bag holds the weight higher on the belt than the MR bag.

At first I was having trouble deciding between the Krux and the Xcurve, the Krux seemed a little more comfortable but they were super close, I ended up adding another 23ish lbs to both and that is where the Krux really pulled away. The SG Krux/R3-5900 with ~55lbs in it felt lighter/more comfortable than the MR with the 32.

Thank you for your thoughts/opinions.