Help chosing an Elk Cartridge.


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Feb 3, 2011
N. Texas and S. Africa
My guide for two years out of Raton told me he preferred 270WSM. It's all his wife uses for deer and elk.
I shot one elk each of those two years using my Rem 700 270WSM loaded with Sierra's 150gr SGK at about 3000fps MV. First was 106yds bang/flop behind shoulders; second was 465yd shot. Broke both front legs and breastbone. I hit low underestimating range. Elk was anchored where it stood.
On the other hand, I watched a guy pump 4 180gr Hornady Interlocks out of a 30-06 into an elk at under 200yds before it fell. It's all about shot placement.
Lots of elk been kilt with less than the old 270WIN. Feller named O'Connor might just agree with that. Yes, the WSM's are fading, but that doesn't mean they won't get er dun.
Testosterone and Adrenaline come into play as well. Bucks, bulls, boars that are fired up often become the walking/running dead no matter what you hit them with.

I've seen big boars run up to 500 yards with everything in their chest cavity turned to soup.

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