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    Aug 7, 2011
    He has made 2 survival braclets with 550 cord. 1st one has 8ft of silver/green 550 para cord called a COBRA. 2nd has 16ft of silver/green and white called KING COBRA.
    In an emergency, you can use paracord for lashings, tourniquets, shoelaces, snares, tying splints, or, if you tease out the threads, even fishing lines and sewing threads. This bracelet lets you carry a useful amount at all times.

    1. COBRA 9" X .75" $9.00 SHIPPED
    2. KING COBRA 9.25" X 1.25" $13.00 SHIPPED
    Paypal address is [email protected] Please do as a gift so we don't get charged. Money orders and checks mailed to.
    All the money made from these braclets are going to new scout equipment. Such as shirts, hats, hoodies and dues. This is his idea. He wants to buy as much of his scout stuff as he can on his own. Wish I was like that at 13.

    Kenneth Rawls
    1108 A Larch Cir
    Gouverneur, NY. 13642