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    Oct 19, 2012
    First off ,i have been reading these threads awhile now. I am dam impressed,reminds me of all the bickering that i did with my dad over the early years of my life. Now im 40 and have not shot a dam thing but my mouth in a drunken stooper, since 2000 i always went "shooting" with my dad every chance i got until i moved a few hours away then life,love,kids ,work came close to killing me. IN 1999 i was on medical leave from being i tow truck driver ,when my dad pulled in the driveway to finally see the grandkids and his son and fiance not realizing that it had been 6 years. That day will be forever in my mind as one of the best. The children were still to young to go ,but i spend the next many months reloading,test muleing and shooting,best therapy i have found.
    Going back to work was hard,for the next year and a half was only a single weekend shooting and phone calls.The next thing i that stopped me in my tracks was finding out child three was on its way so time to work more. My youngest son was born and tried for days to contact my dad with no luck,long story short 2 months later i was attending his funeral.
    I'm ready it gun) time. Starting fresh since i sold everything over a decade ago, i need some input to cut through my confusion,i was an awesome shot and will not BS about it.