hello shooters


Apr 13, 2013
hello folks ,I am target /hunter from 100milehouse bc , I shoot a steyr classic wood 7mm with a nightforce 5.5x22x56 with zero stop for hunting , and steyr ssg o4 a1 300wm with a nightforce 8x32x56 for my target rifle . I am just starting reloading with berger bullets and reloader powder. I am currently awaiting the berger reloading book . but I have 185gr vld hunting for my 300wm, and 168gr vld hunting for my 7mm. The powder is rl 19 and 22 that I have , and I finally figured out my oal for my bullets,and will now start figuring out which load works best. any suggestions ? Also... why are store purchased ammo so short ? it seems the best results are to the rifling of your rifle. thanks jim