Hello from Virginia


Mar 11, 2010
Long time reader here, just registered today. "Long Range" in Virginia is much different than in Colorado - someday I'll make it back west.
Hey, Welcome!

Glad to have you. I agree long range in Va is hard to find. Out west long range is a nessacity, here you need to back away from the deer :D

should pop down to the f-class matches at quantico, a lot of us go there (from the VA and MD crowd atleast).

Glad to see another Va, guy. You have a state with a Very rich history. If your all like Oliveralan, then you allright in my book. (Not that my book counts for anything) hahaha, but I havent ever run across someone from Va. that I didnt like
I look forward to reading some of your posts
Yes, "Long Range" in Virginia is much different than in Colorado, but I have made a few 400 yards harvests over the years, mostly in the western "mountians" of Virginia. The last time I hunted the West, at least West of Iowa, I was twelve ................... gun)lightbulb
My Inlaws live outside of Newcastle. My wife and I both hunt every nov. during the rifle season. Got private gronds to hunt there surrounded by nat. forrest. some shots are 300 to 350 yds. The deer are bigger than s.c.. but any way welcome.gun)
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