Hello from the land of the Cherokee (Georgia)


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Dec 12, 2012
Cherokee homeland
Just wanted to say hello....I've been a "lurker" for quite a while and decided to become legit. My name is Edwin and I'm a gun collector and hunter but I am joining the local gun club soon so I can have access to their long-range targets.

I recently acquired at auction a couple of Brown Precision rifles made about 25 yrs ago in .270 and 6x284. I also have a few custom bolt guns in .280, 22-250 and 7mmSTW.
I am an accuracy nut and won't keep a gun that don't shoot!

I am looking for an ultimate long range hunting rifle....something I can hunt everything from deer to elk with but that is light enough to carry but not so light it won't point well! ( I have a Weatherby Mark V lightweight in .270 Wthrby mag with custom trigger and muzzle break ....it shoots great off the bench but in the field it just doesn't point well....too much of weight is toward stock and barrel floats around!)

Anyway, enough about me I look forward to learning from you guys.....