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Jun 25, 2015
We want to help satisfy your hunting addiction through all the opportunities we provide at huntingfix.com. In addition to the FREE hunts we give away to our members each month, we will also feed your "Fix" by giving away exciting quality outdoor products, and our Hunting Fix shirts and hats multiple times a week.

Current Giveaways

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Fully Guided New Mexico Trophy Bull Elk Hunt!
19 days till we give this hunt away.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential 12 Mega Pixel Trail Camera
05 days till we give this product away

Your free Huntingfix.com membership will give you the chance to win a hunt of your dreams each and every month! If you register with a free membership on our site you will automatically be entered into our monthly hunt giveaways. That’s right, we are giving away a hunt every month for FREE! These are high quality guided hunts throughout the country for a variety of different species of animals.
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