Hello from SW Wyoming


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Nov 15, 2009
Been shooting long range for a while now, since I was about 14 when we went on the first p-dog trip and made my first 500 yard kill. Im 23 now, own a couple rifles of my own for hunting and target shooting past 500 yards. I consider my self a pretty good shot but looking around the forum here I have plenty to learn

Couple of my rifles
There is the 243 Super Rock Chucker, with the 30" Hart barrel, Fajen stock, EGW scope mount, and Leupold 6-18x scope. Its a 25-06 necked down and blown out pushes a 70gr SMK at 3800fps into 1/4MOA groups.

Than the Remington 700 25-06 with 24" bull barrel, 8-32x Burris scope, Boyds laminate stock, and harris bipod, this is one of my hunting rifles, shoots like a target rifle though.

I have a couple of AR-15's I built that I use for hunting, on in 6.8 SPC the other in 223/556.

I am also thinking about get a 300 WSM for 1000 yard plus target shoot.
Thank you for the welcome, my girlfriend will be getting a Savage 12 in 223 from my dad for Christmas so we have a few "long" range guns in our house. The Remington 25-06 is my pride though I had that build when I turned 18 and have been shooting steel and killing p-dogs with it out to 900 yards since. The 243 was a new to my safe last summer and came with in 3" at 1100 yards of killing a p-dog with it in Montana this past summer.

I am actually from Michigan, I just resently moved here to Rock Springs. So this hunting season went horrible for me, I didnt get a single tag being a Non resident for a full year is rough. I will however be after deer, antelope, elk, and anything else I can get a tag for next year.

My boss does like to coyote hunting and some of the other guys in the office enjoy rabbit hunting so I will be going after those critters this year.

I also just solved my want for a 300 WSM just moments ago. I purchased a Time Precision Action, with a Krieger barrel, and HS Perision stock....hopefully I can get some 1000 yard shooting in with it over the summer.
Welcome aboard, dk,

Nice sticks and great shooting!! Lots of good information and help here. Looks like some of it might be coming from you as well. Enjoy!!

Welcome aboard.

Rock Springs is a bit east of here but maybe we'll cross paths some day.

Nice rigs.

BTW, if you get on top of a high enough butte you can see MI from there.:D
Welcome to LRH. Those are some real good rifles you have. That wildcat 243 sounds very cool. I've got a Sendero 25-06 and a 300
WSM too. The 25-06 is a great shooter and I love shooting it.

Next hunting season will be here before you know it and no doubt it will be a lot of fun. Keep us posted.

Thank you all for the welcome.

I will do a right up about my 243 Super Rock Chucker and post some of my Wyoming pictures today.
Glad to have you here. That's one long looking scopeon top of a very nice sharp looking rig...I love wood. Just 23:rolleyes:cool just think of all the years you have to do this sort of fun. Shoot us a story and send some pics with it. Happy hunting.
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