Hello From SW PA


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Aug 10, 2012
Hello fellow long rangers!!... Here is a bit about me. Gonna be 50 in a month! Been long range shootin since my late teens. BUT. have not done much in the past 3 yrs.....went thru a divorce...had to sell off alot of my guns.....and in about the same time lost my mentor and best long range shootin buddy a guy could have to cancer. So kinda took the wind outta my sails to say the least. Life can be harsh at times BUT Just married a gal i knew from high school..and things are good...In fact better than they have ever been..... so the long range itch is back. Over the years have workrd with a LOT of cartridges and rifles...most likley put my gunsmiths kid thru college!!!! well not really but i sure helped alot!!! So i will try to answer any questions that i can......and hope to learn all that i can here as well.