Hello from SE Alabama


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Jan 7, 2013
South East Alabama
Hey there,
I've been lurking for a bit and thought I'd register and stay a while. I'm hoping to get in on a hunting lease that has about 2000 acres and want to try my hand at some varmint hunting. Right now I have some basic hunting gear in 30-06, 270, 243, and 5.56. All scoped but the 5.56.

Lots of coyotes here as well as other game. Looking to learn more about reloading to help my accuracy and to get better on the trigger. As well as getting tips on calls and hunting tactics in general. I'm pretty new to hunting although I've shot 22lr since I was a child practically eliminating squirrel populations armed with a bb gun. I have also shot pistol for many years. Ive been on a few hunts killed a 130 lb doe a few weeks ago with dbl lung shot with 243 from about 85 yards, although it was recovered until next AM.
Great site!