Hello from oregon (west side)


Jan 28, 2010
Hello guys, Ive been hanging around for awhile thought I would climb aboard. My name is Wade, I have learned alot from this forum from reloading to long range shooting. I shoot a 338 win mag and a 280 ack both custom 09 mausers both shoot sub moa. I hand load for both been reloading for 25yrs and still learning every time I step into my loading room thanks to a good part in this forum. I am self employed and have to run. looking forward chatting with you guys later,wbuck
Hey winmag, I live in stayton and work in salem. I like to shoot any chance I get, like any other reloader were always looking greener pastures or sometimes chase our tail, LOL. where in this liberal state do you reside. oops did I say that out loud.

1 vote for uncle Ted gun)

Over the hump in Redmond, but Baker county will always be home for me.
My wife is a valley girl from McMinnville.
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