Hello from Oklahoma


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Aug 6, 2018
Hi all,

Im just your average deer hunter who loves to build guns as well. I've hunted with a remington 700 in 308 for the last 15 years but lately I'm playing with more interesting guns. Recently I've moved and have a 400yd range in my back yard that I have been thoroughly enjoying, and I have decided to branch out with my hunting rig. I'm mid process building a 257 ocelot ar15 for this season and hope to have some loads worked up in time for opening weekend.

As far as the rest of my guns I have built several ar's but have whittled them down to my favorites. Also love my bolt guns and just about everything else that goes bang. Recently I have decided to make the jump into nice optics (my father in law let's me shoot his rigs and they put mine to shame) and I will be trying to decide between a leupold vx3 or mk4 or NF shv for my ocelot build, any input is appreciated!