Hello from Kansas

Feb 14, 2021
Just built from my first long range rifle and decided I better learn how to shoot. I'm signed up for a long range class in August w/Match Grade Precision. I built my rifle using all used parts, some off snipershide, some local, some ar15.com.

Excited to be here, already looking at building a second (cheaper/lighter) rifle for work as I'd like to go to sniper school eventually.

My rifle details: Defiance tenacity w/bartlein 1/10 26" .308 barrel. Triggertech Special PVD Pro curved trigger. Manners t4A stock w/mini chassis. Atlas QD bipod. Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 EBR7C. It's quite heavy at 16.4 pounds or so.
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