Hello from IN


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Sep 18, 2023
Indianapolis, IN
Hey all. Currently living in Indianapolis, IN, 37yrs old. Had a nice gentleman from my church take me out at 15 and teach me to shoot and hunt, been going ever since. Have not hunted in the last 5 years or so. Between work and family I simply have not had time, and only have busy public land to hunt. Started reloading when I was about 22. started with 9mm, now I load for 9mm, 38spl, 357 mag, 45 auto, 223, 6mm arc, 30-06. I stopped loading for 44sp, 44mag, 7.62x39, and 308. Mainly because I no longer have those guns. I'm a bit overweight, working on getting myself in shape, making some decent progress. Doing some day hikes, wanting to do some more extended over night backpacking hikes. Love the AR platform and bolt guns. Have built a couple AR's including my 6mm Arc.

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