Hello from Central Florida


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Sep 24, 2012
Hey everyone. My name is David and I live just south of Orlando, Fl. I hunt, fish and frog from an Airboat. I enjoy shooting all types of firearms and air rifles. I don't get to do much of each because I am disabled. One trip usually results in 2-3 days of recuperating. The game here include Deer, Hog, Turkey, Snipe and Squirrel. Yes, there is a little bird down here called snipe that doesn't require the use of a burlap bag or hunting at night. Airboating is fun too. It doesnt require water at all. Some of our boats will run for miles on dry ground fast enough to catch up with a hog being chased by dogs. Its a blast. Ok, enough from me. Yall give me a holler.
gun) :D
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