Hello from arkansas


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May 11, 2012
This is my first post on this forum and would like to introduce myself.I have been an avid gunner most of my life and enjoy reloading and shooting both handguns and rifles. I also enjoy fishing but my passion is guns. I don't consider myself a collector as I will not own anything I will not shoot. My latest purchase is a thompson center venture predator combo in 308 cal. and so far this is a very fun and accurate rifle and I am just starting to reload for this cal. and rifle. My hand is not as steady and my eyes are not as good as they once were and my 17 year old son out shoots me most days with rifle but I can hold my own with him in handguns. Last week I watched him put 2 rounds in a 1 inch bullseye target at 200 yards and that was his first 2 shots with my new 308 which he still has not let me live down. He is an awesome son even if he gets a little mouthy sometime. I also have a 12 year old daughter that has been shooting for a couple of years now and has moved up to shooting my 243 and is becoming a pretty good shot. My wife of 27 years has put up with my obsesion with guns and enjoys shooting the handguns more than the rifles. I guess I'm a lucky man to have a family that enjoys my passion for guns and shooting. Sorry to ramble on, just wanted to say hello to all the folks on this forum.
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