Helena, MT. 300 Yards


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Nov 28, 2011
Glasgow, MT
looking for a 300 Yard range in the Helena MT area. longer is fine I just need 300 to double check my zero when I head out there for next weeks elk hunt.

Prickley Pear Sportsmans Association range on your way toward Missoula half way up McDonald Pass. You can buy a one day guess pass at Capital Sports.
Just take Lincoln rd toward lake Helena and go up in the north hills I shoot there all the time from 100-1800 yds and its 4 miles from my house.
Sorry but there isn't any way in dog cramp that you are getting past 200 yards in the north hills public access let alone 1800 yards unless you have permission to shoot in someone's field. Even then with all the houses on the way up to the FWP North Hills access site, there is no place where you can safely shoot out to 1800 yards.
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