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    Oct 4, 2002
    RCBS AMMOMASTER PRESS: off the box- A BIG STRONG PRESS WITH THE CLEARENCE, STRENGTH AND LEVERAGE TO RELOAD MOST ANY RIFLE CARTRIDE. MASSIVE 1 1/2" RAM FOR EFFORTLESS RELOADING, BULLET SWAGING AND CASE FORMING. EASILY CONVERTS TO A 5-STATION PRESS OR 50 BMG WITH OPTIONAL KITS. I bought this back when I could not get my Ultramag cases in my other press. I no longer own an Ultra so its going too. I bought it brand new and it is in excellent condion and will arrive in its original box and packaging. For PICTURES of my press go to and click on file RCBS. From Midway (best price I found) it came to me for $190. I will sell AND SHIP this 22 pounder for $150. Thank you///////////////////////SOLD SOLD SOLD/////////

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