SOLD/EXPIRED Heavy-Duty Reloading Press//SOLD PF///

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    Oct 4, 2002
    RCBS AMMOMASTER PRESS: off the box- A BIG STRONG PRESS WITH THE CLEARENCE, STRENGTH AND LEVERAGE TO RELOAD MOST ANY RIFLE CARTRIDE. MASSIVE 1 1/2" RAM FOR EFFORTLESS RELOADING, BULLET SWAGING AND CASE FORMING. EASILY CONVERTS TO A 5-STATION PRESS OR 50 BMG WITH OPTIONAL KITS. I bought this back when I could not get my Ultramag cases in my other press. I no longer own an Ultra so its going too. I bought it brand new and it is in excellent condion and will arrive in its original box and packaging. For PICTURES of my press go to[email protected] and click on file RCBS. From Midway (best price I found) it came to me for $190. I will sell AND SHIP this 22 pounder for $150. Thank you///////////////////////SOLD SOLD SOLD/////////

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