Heavier Leupold MK4 Ring Caps

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Just some info.
Some time ago Leupold changed the design of their MK4 rings, the top and bottom portions are more equal. The split is about 50% now, the top cap is much bigger and shaped different, rounded design on top. Looks pretty tough. Seem to be better finished too. Come in a blister-pack instead of those black boxes.
Have to go some to beat Badgers, just thought that I would mention these changes for anyone interested, they look good.
Will be interesting to see how well they line up, we usually lap the MK4's but don't lap Badgers.

I have had both kinds of MK4 rings, and like the older ones better. No major reason, just cosmetic.

I the old ones had a rough inner surface, and the new ones seem to have a series of very fine rings cut on the inside.

But I lap them both anyway, once they are mounted on the rifle-base combination, cuz the the action variations will distort the base, so I want the rings to be co-axial to the finished rifle.

Same with the Badgers, plus I have found that the badgers are a bit small in diameter, and the sharp edges will scrape the finish off a MK4 scope
( So I lap them puppies too!

I don't like the finish on the Badgers, it will come off in an ultrasonic cleaner


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Somehow I like the look of the new rings better than the old ones, just a personal preference thing - they look tuff. I also find the Badger finish marks pretty easy in use, but the scuff marks just make them look good and used.
My son just did a site for Near, you might enjoy some of the visuals at www.nearmfg.com
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